Empowerment Writings

Come Along With Me

I’ve decided that I’m taking you all on a journey with me! 

of transformation and expansion… 

I am a writer and it is time for me to come out of hiding. 

Starting with this post, I’m will be blogging every day (until further notice) and I’m inviting you to come along. 

Full disclosure – this is crazy scary and insanely vulnerable. 

But suddenly it is so clear that this is what’s next on my path of purpose, that it doesn’t even matter.. 

Suddenly it doesn’t matter that I know some will judge. 

It suddenly doesn’t matter that I could fail, whatever that means.

It doesn’t matter that it won’t all be good.

Because it will be REAL.

Suddenly (almost) nothing matters more than speaking (writing) my truth.. 

the wholeness of my journey and who I am, with you.

For if I don’t let it out, set it (me) free, surely I will die inside.

So I invite you to come along…

Read, think, feel, discover, explore.


some truth

some resonance

some togetherness 

some acceptance



some love

some light

for you…

We’re in this together.

Always love,


Mimi Marie

I am passionate about guiding women through their own healing and to their next level of health and happiness.

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