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What Will They Say?

Sometimes the shortest conversations can be the sweetest…

I shared with some friends tonight how I’m so thankful for the handful of people that are in my life who knew my dad. I love that we get to share stories and I get to hear how he touched people’s lives. 

Sometimes I even get to hear how his sobriety helped other people get sober, and how some of those people are still sober today. 

That’s how the spirit of him lives on for us and through us. 

This can be said about anyone who we’ve known, loved and lost. We get to keep them present for us as long as we keep holding them in our hearts, remembering them, and talking about who they were and how they touched our lives. 

And then a dear friend said something I’ve never heard before and it really got me… 

She said, “A person actually has two deaths. One when their body dies, and the other when the last person says their name for the last time.”

Read that again. Think about it for a minute… 

Something about it is still stirring my heart. 

I’ve had some close experiences / observations lately of people who are like tornadoes, going around their lives with no real grasp on how they affect the people around them. It always aches me to see this kind of destruction. If your eyes are open wide enough, you don’t have to look very far to see it yourself. Self absorption and the need to be right plagues our world. 

Sometimes all I feel I can do is be love in the face of people & situations like this. Sometimes all we can do is be love, period. 

It got me seeing even more, that this is why my path is so clear. This is why it has always been so important to me to give my best to people and be of service however I can. This is why I continually work on the betterment of myself, keeping my eyes wide open, sharing myself, writing my musings, and so on… 

So that I can be my best for the people around me. Even if it’s just the bagger at the grocery store. Even if it’s as simple as a smile at the stranger in the elevator. 

Because no matter what – no matter who or where I am or you are, we’re all making some kind of dent on this planet. 

Thankfully it isn’t about doing this thing perfectly or getting it all right, but I can tell you that until my last breath and my first death I will be giving it my absolute all.

I hope the last person who says my name for the last time, will have been touched in some sweet way by how I’ve lived my life. 

What if we all lived our lives leaving people better than we found them? What if our leading question was always, how will I leave this person?

Always love,



Mimi Marie

I am passionate about guiding women through their own healing and to their next level of health and happiness.

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