Exposed Day 8, Nutrition

I used to be so strict with myself and my family around what to eat.

When my son was first diagnosed with epilepsy I went crazy trying to convert everyone to paleo.

I remember the night I realized that forcing everyone to eat the same thing was not going to fix everything.

I was sitting at the dinner table with my kids and I had just made an amazing dinner, but the kids were crying.

The truth is I had found what really helped me feel better, but that wasn’t the case for them.

I had to start finding a better middle ground for all of us.

This set me on a new mission and this is what I have found over the last 10-15 years…

There is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to getting healthier, losing weight, alleviating cravings, solving your health issues, etc.

We have to break the idea that if you just do X diet or take Z pill, all of your problems will be solved.

Everyone is looking for a quick fix, but anything that works too fast is not something that will last.

The only diet you should follow is the one that meets your specific concerns and helps you feel better.

However I do believe that some (most) people should eat meat, and that should be coupled with a LOT of fruits and vegetables.

I do also believe that some people should not eat meat, but should definitely find the right ways to still be properly nourished.

I do believe that everyone should eat more fruits and vegetables. A LOT more.

I do believe that supplementation is extremely beneficial given our lifestyles, the quality of our soil, the environment, and the time and processing that our food takes to get to our plates.

I do believe that different people need different things at different times in their lives and that we should learn to ebb and flow with those changes.

Your kids and your partner likely won’t enjoy and thrive off the same practices as you, and that’s okay!

You can start with small changes that will make a big difference on your journey to better health.

So what is one small thing that you can start doing today to move your health in the right direction?

Let me know in the comments!




Photo by the amazing Karine Fortin with A Particular Style

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