Exposed Day 9, My Epilepsy Warrior

They say being a parent is like walking around life with your heart outside of your body and I’ve never felt that as much as when I’ve watched them wheel him into the operating room.

Today’s post is dedicated to this guy, one of the strongest, bravest fighters I know.

Many of you have followed and supported his journey with epilepsy since he was 9, and now we are again open to all of your love and healing prayers.

The last couple of years has been full of testing and procedures in search of answers and possible solutions since the medication hasn’t done its job.

On Tuesday Eddie will undergo a laser ablation to the area of his brain that has been found and suspected to be causing his seizures.

This procedure gives him a 60% chance of becoming seizure free, so while we are well aware of the 40%, we are hopeful for the best possible outcome.

May this be the last time we have to do this and the beginning of the end of his journey with epilepsy.

Eddie, the way you have navigated this entire process with your courage and strength has continued to blow my mind and heart.

You got this and we all got you!




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