Exposed Writing Intro, Day 0

I recently started something new and a little scary in social media land, and you get to come along (if you wish)… 🙃

Here’s the story:

In my Nia white belt training one of the principles that has stuck with me was around ‘stepping in.’

With dance it’s about stepping into the studio, onto the dance floor, and into the sacred awareness of being in your body.

We do this in our lives in so many ways.

We step into our roles as parents, caretakers, family members;

friends, partners, lovers;

business owners, entrepreneurs, bosses, employees;

the list goes on.

‘Stepping in’ requires a mindset shift. Like putting on a hat or an outfit that suits the occasion. We must embody that which we’re stepping into.

As we make our way toward a new year and a time when I love to examine my life and where I’m going, I’m committing to stepping into a new phase.

It’s the phase of a vision that I’ve had for my life for many years, but it’s taken a good amount of inner work for me to get to where I’m ready.

And I am SO ready.

As part of this process of stepping into my next level, I’ve decided to do Juliana Garcia’s 30 day #exposeyourtruth challenge.

Over the next 30 days I will be using prompts from Juliana to expose parts of my story that I either haven’t shared before or haven’t shared in a while.

And here’s my Why:

I know that my calling in life is about empowering women ~ hence @mimimarienutrition…

I know that I have to get uncomfortable, because that’s where growth and change happens.

I know that I have to lead the way and walk my path in my truth.

I know that to reach my women, I have to show more of who I am and what my business stands for.

So I’m stepping out in spite of my fears of your judgments and what you will think of me.

No more playing small, shrinking back or hiding in the shadows.

Because it’s time to step in…

to be seen and found by those who are ready, like I am.

My intention is that what I share here will inspire others along the way to step into their own next level, whatever that may be.

Be sure to help a sister out by letting me know in the comments that you’re coming along! 🙏🏼

See you tomorrow for post 1/30!



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