Exposed Day 15, Juicy Peaches!

Ya’ll still out there?

I’m officially halfway through this writing challenge and I have to admit, these posts seem to be getting harder and harder to write.

Sometimes I overthink ALL of it.

The pictures, the words, the likes, the responses.

Does any of it even matter?

I don’t know if my words are repetitive or relevant.

But what I do know is that they’re real.

So I will keep sharing.

Social media is funny like that, isn’t it?

You never know who’s reading, looking, hiding, blocking, loving, unliking…

But here’s the thing

Not everyone will think you’re a juicy peach..

And that’s ok, you don’t need them to

You just need the ones who like peaches 😉

In all honestly though, sometimes I catch myself holding back because I’m afraid of the ones who don’t like peaches..

But how silly is that?

I’m not here to appease the ones who don’t understand or relate.

I’m here to appeal to the ones who have been in similar places that I have.

The ones who have been through hell and are doing the work to come out on the other side

The ones who seek to be stronger, wiser, and yet softer, with more to give from their experiences

I’m here to share healing and hope-

That you can go through storms, and still grow and shine in all of your juiciness!

To those who are still on this 30 day ride with me, thank you!!

Your messages that I receive along the way mean everything and remind me of WHY I’m doing this.

I’m committed to continuing to give it all in my writings from here on out..

May we all continue to shine in all of our juiciness!


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