Exposed Day 16, Choosing Your People

The people you keep in your closest proximity have everything to do with your level of joy and success.

Take a look around you – who are you spending your most time with? People who emulate what you want?

Examine your social media feed – what and who do you see? People and posts that empower and uplift you?

Take inventory of your life.

Take inventory of your own state of mind and well being – do your people and environments support you?

This can be a tough one during the holidays, when it feels like we have to be around people who may initiate our deepest wounds and triggers.

But guess what! You can say no to those people and places, if you must.

There was a time in my people pleasing days when I felt obligated to adhere to other people’s needs and expectations.

I would shove down my feelings and contort myself in order to make sure I showed up where I felt like I was supposed to, even if it went completely against my own feelings of safety and morals.

And then I started learning to honor myself.

I started learning boundaries and practicing checking in with my own needs.

And I learned that sometimes that looks like not showing up.

Sometimes it looks like saying no and/or not engaging in the event, activity, conversation, etc.

It also looks like choosing your family and communities more intentionally.

Sorry to say it, but blood is not always thicker than water and finding your chosen family can be life saving.

I’m here to tell you that you can say no to the party, the people, the things that don’t nurture you and help you grow.

As we head into the holidays this weekend and the upcoming new year, how can you begin to create or expand a community and environment of love and empowerment for yourself?


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