Exposed Day 17, Happy Holidays

The holidays change so much over the years, don’t they?

We all get older, loved ones leave us and pass away, relationships change and evolve, kids grow up and move away.

We go from thinking that things will look a certain way forever, to life and celebrations being completely unrecognizable.

Then there’s all of the stress of gifts and gatherings.

As the new year approaches we may feel disappointment with all that did not happen for us this year, instead of being able to see what did.

I’ve had my share of years where the dread of the holidays has outweighed any joy that I could possibly muster up.

While we may be surrounded by more people during this time of the year than usual, we can ironically also feel more alone.

There’s so much expectation for the holidays to be the most wonderful time of the year, but I never want to forget that for so many it’s the most painful.

And while I never want to take for granted the things and people that I have to be grateful for, I also never want forget the ups and downs of the years and all of life’s twists and turns.

So my message to you today is that if you feel alone or are struggling, please reach out and connect with someone who brings you love and joy.

I know it can feel like you’re alone, but I promise you are not. And however you feel about all of it, remember that this moment is temporary and everything always passes.

Sending love to all of your hearts, wherever you are and however you feel this Christmas.




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