Exposed Day 18, Your Health is in Your Hands

The power of your body, your health, your life and vitality, is in YOUR hands.

My passion and mission is to help women take that power back so that they can enjoy a healthful and vibrant life.

While there is certainly a time for western / allopathic medicine (sick care), the work that I do with women is to help you not need it, or to support you in digging your way out of needing it.

That’s what addressing your nutrition and lifestyle choices does.

Our bodies are wise, created by a power greater than us. They are designed to heal, but they can only work optimally when given the right environment to do so.

So many of us are walking around coping with our physical ailments, living in a world that normalizes not feeling well and throws a pill at fixing it.

A few years ago, I was dealing with some chronic digestive issues. My life was so busy that I was just ignoring things. But I also felt like I was a generally healthy person, so I just brushed it to the side.

Things were progressing though, and by the end of my days I became extremely bloated, uncomfortable and even in pain.

You see, that’s what our bodies do. They tell us what we need until we listen.

It was a combination of things that helped me get better. I went to a naturopathic doctor, did a ton of research, tried some dietary changes and ultimately healed my gut issues.

I could write an endless list of examples of this for myself and other women.

But the overarching answer and power of your healing lies in becoming your own advocate and an active participant in your health.

This is what I’m here to do – to help you take your power back in your health, which in turn affects the rest of your life.

The new year is beautiful time to start and I’ll be rolling out and sharing my offerings over the next month.

Are you ready?

Message me with questions and to learn more. I would be honored to support you on your journey to health.





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