Exposed Day 19, Creating the New Year

Sometimes I look back at old pictures and think, “woweee what was I thinking?!”

I try to look at my Facebook memories often. Sometimes it’s just nice to see old memories and sometimes I feel like they can be a good measuring stick to see where I was and where I’m going.

I’m a fan of self reflection, but sometimes I look back and I’m astounded. Sometimes my automatic thought or feeling is cringe. 😜

Sometimes I see good memories, fun and joy. Sometimes I see the lack that I felt in myself at the time, or the places or relationships where I feel like I stayed too long.

Mostly I can look at it all with appreciation for the progress. This is so important.

Every chapter was a stepping stone to the life that I’m living and loving today.

Every lesson helped me grow.

I find it so easy to look ahead and see how far there is to go, all the work there is to do.

As someone who’s always striving for more, I can get caught in the spaces of never enough.

This is why I love the new year. For the feeling of a new page. For the chance to look back and acknowledge how far we’ve come and create new excitement for what lies ahead.

This is my invitation for you this week.

This year has been a doozy for so many of us. I invite you to make the concerted effort to see the good in the year that we’re leaving behind.

What are you thankful for and proud of?

And I invite you to be intentional about what’s ahead.

What are you creating and hopeful for in the year to come? Lean into that.

Write it all out.

Let opportunity and possibility take you into the new year.

Stand for this one being better than the last.

Imagine how much better it can get and believe in that. ✨




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