Exposed Day 22, 2022 recap

Some notable moments from 2022 along with my #topnine photos from IG…

Granted, they’re not all happy ones, but they’re all LIFE.

~Let go of my charcuterie business to make room again for my true passions of women’s health, nutrition and writing 🧀
..thankful for the belief that having that business helped me to grow within myself.

~Visited Tennessee to see my Gange family 🤠 and still miss them so very much!

~Sent my baby girl off to Indiana 💔 but so proud of her courage to set off and try something new.

~Lost my Grandma 💔 deeply thankful that I listened to the hit that I received to go see her before she passed.

~Held my baby boy through some crazy testing and brain surgery 💜
..ever so proud of his courage and strength, and hopeful for continued healing for him.

~Shared some new and vulnerable parts of my story publicly 🙌🏽 ..just getting warmed up!

~Had a new and refreshing love come into my life ♥️ favorite part 🥰

~Celebrated a year of sobriety 🙏🏼 grateful to be more clearly on this path again.

~Went to Yosemite and Havasu for the first time with my man ☀️

~Completed my She Recovers coaching certification 🔖

~Started a new nutrition course (in progress) 🌱 and can’t wait to share my new offerings in the coming months.

Exciting things in store for 2023! 🎉

The good, the bad, the heartbreaking and the beautiful.

May we embrace it all as part of the journey in the new year.

Happy 2023, my friends! 🎉

Love and hugs,



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