Exposed Day 24, Started from the Bottom

I don’t talk about it much, but aside from all of my side projects that I post about, I also have a full time corporate job.

I’m approaching my 5 year anniversary, the longest I’ve ever stuck with something outside of being a mom.

I had my review this week and was reminded how far I’ve come since starting.

5 years ago, I was at my lowest bottom ever.

I had just started addressing my relationship with alcohol for the first time.

I was still grieving the end of my previous two relationships and was emotionally bankrupt.

I had left a job that I loved to pursue more money, but my plan fell apart and I ended up jobless.

I lost almost everything including my apartment, and my car was repossessed.

I borrowed money from family and was drowning in debt.

My confidence was at the lowest of lows and I couldn’t see a way out.

A friend at the time (now boss) was just creating a marketing role in his company and hired me to help him build it out.

He believed in me at a time when I didn’t. 🙏🏼

I committed to building a foundation for myself and have worked my ass off since then.

I’ve come so far personally and professionally, have grown myself and the business.

I live in my own little place that I love (for now) and last year I bought my dream car.

One of many things I have learned is that I am the driver of my success.

And, sometimes we need people to believe in us before we do..

I’ve begun to see that my relationship with money was closely tied to my relationship with alcohol

And as someone who grew up in deep scarcity, I’m committed to not self sabotaging or putting a cap on my success.

My vision has outgrown survival mode and that shows me where there is room to grow.

And now I believe in all of it.

Sometimes the bottom is not the end, rather the beginning of something beautiful and new.

Money is a risky topic and can have so much shame around it, but it can also be an incredible mirror.

So if you need someone to believe in you before you do (around money or health or anything else), to help you get to your next level, please reach out.

I believe in you.




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