Exposed Day 25, Is it Your Fear?

Sometimes your fear of failure is stronger than your desire for success.

It sounds crazy to think that while you might SAY you want x, y or z (money, happiness, health, love, success) you might not REALLY want it — because the responsibility that comes with actually having it is too much.

Go ahead, read that again 👆🏼

What if you actually get the job or create the business and it fails..?

Or you make all the money and don’t know what to do with it all, or you spend it all and end up bankrupt again..?

Or you buy the house or the car of your dreams and the market crashes and you lose it..?

Or what if you actually fall in love and they break your heart all over again..?

Or what if you lose the weight and get healthy and then you slip and gain it all back..?

What if you make the leap, put in all that effort and you fail?!

But what if you never try???

Is it really more comfortable to stay with what you know and only yearn for something more while never taking the chance on yourself?

Over and over again, it has been the scariest decisions that have brought the most growth and greatest joys in my life.

The choice to have and raise children

The choice to walk away from abuse

The choice to leave jobs and step into new ones

The choice to leave the relationships that were no longer working

The choice to be single

The choice to try for love again

The choice to learn new things outside of my comfort zone

The choice to start businesses and ventures

The choice to see new places and travel alone

The choice to say enough is enough

The choice to quit drinking

And the choice to strive for more

Those have all been the greatest turning points in my life.

Because when you’re taking a chance on yourself, you either win or you learn

And that’s how you grow.

What is that thing you’ve been wanting to take a chance on?

Isn’t it time?




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