Exciting Announcement!

I’m deeply honored, grateful, and so excited to share some news with you all today!

As of May 2023, I have joined the amazing community and team of women practitioners at Living Legacy Wellness Center in Escondido, CA.

Living Legacy is a special little place that you can feel right when you walk in ✨ ~they have been in practice for 20 years with offerings in colonics and cleansing, massage, acupuncture and nutrition consulting for detox, weight loss and all around better health.

I’m so thankful to have crossed paths with and met one of the owners, Jodi Gilbert, several years ago – it’s so funny, you just never know how someone might become a part of your life.

Jodi is an expert and specializes in colonics and other modalities of cleansing. I went into the center recently to experience her work while I was doing my own cleanse and I can tell you that what she does is amazing – but more on that later!

If you know the work that I do, you can see that we all complement each other’s work here. It has been my vision and wish for a long time to be part of a community like this.

For the first time ever, I have my very own physical office space where I am stepping fully into my passion as a Lifestyle & Nutrition Consultant and sharing my offerings with more people in person!

If you are curious about working with me online or in person, you can set up a Discovery Call with me to connect and learn more.

So grateful for this beautiful new beginning and opportunity!

There is so much more to come. Stay tuned, my friends!


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