About Me


I’m a Lifestyle and Nutrition Consultant specializing in working with mamas over 40 to improve their health from the inside-out, starting with food.

I’m also a writer and speaker for women’s health empowerment on a mission to guide women to return to their own innate power, health and vitality to live a life they love.

I’m the proud owner and operator of Cerutti Charcuterie which is reopening its doors in August of 2023!

I have been on my own journey of health and recovery for over 10 years and have found my way into a life of fulfillment through various personal growth programs, health and wellness practices, dietary changes, movement, meditation, therapy and more.

I am a Certified Nutrition Consultant (CNC), hold a Nia White Belt, am a She Recovers Coach (SRCD) and a Precision Nutrition Level 1 Coach in progress. Since 2014, I have worked alongside top leaders in the wellness world, and have helped hundreds of people on their path to health.

It is all of the information and education that I’ve gathered in my own story which I now use in my signature programs and share in my engagements and platforms.

Please reach out with questions or to learn more about working together.

I would be honored to support your journey to health!