Hello! I’m Mimi…

I am a woman and mom on a mission to help as many women as possible on their journeys to health & happiness!

As a mother to five, I understand the demands of a busy life and the struggle it can be to maintain balance and self care. When you’re dedicated to taking care of the people around you, it’s easy to put your own needs on the back burner. 

Well, enough is enough, mama! 

For nearly 20 years now, I have been on my own deep and faceted journey of health and self-discovery. I am continually growing my knowledge and practice of wellness to find and share what it takes to live a thriving life. 

I am well known for my commitment to family, my love for health & nutrition, and my passion for dance, the outdoors, and for making a difference. 

When I’m not busy working and taking care of my family, I can also be found soaking up some vitamin D poolside, hiking the many trails of San Diego or road-tripping to the next best mountain side. 

It is my passion, my mission and my desire to spread my experience, knowledge and practice of living life deeply rooted in our bodies and in tune with our selves, so that all women can find their own level of freedom and health in their own lives!

I believe that the foundation of health and vitality must be in place in order to create and maintain a balanced and fulfilling life. This can look different for everyone and my purpose is to guide you on your own unique journey.

Are you ready?

Contact me and let’s see how I can support you!