• It’s Time to Rise~
    Since I was almost as young as I can remember, I took on the role of being the caretaker in my home. Growing up in a drug induced and abusive environment, there was always this inherent need to make sure my mom and my siblings were safe. Even to my own detriment and even if … Read more
  • To Date or Not to Date? That is the Question!
    I have been delving in and out of the dating world for the past almost 3 years. What a roller coaster, I tell ya!  I am learning SO much and I’m mostly thankful for the experiences.  And then some days I down right hate it. All of it. The roller coaster sucks. I don’t even … Read more
  • Not a Single Mom
    Ok, I am a Single Mom. But not by the terms that you probably just read that. I just Googled “what is a single mom?” and I can’t even call myself that anymore because the common themes of those definitions don’t fit for me. You see, I live with my former husband, his new wife … Read more
  • Why Doing Less Means Having More!
    I have been thinking a lot lately about what I’m creating for my life in 2020. The coming of fall and the New Year is always my favorite time as I have always loved new beginnings and fresh starts. I’m always excited to create goals and to look to the end of the upcoming year … Read more
  • 5 Ways to Have More Fun!
    I’m coming out of a bit of a funk over the last week or so and took a few days off from my writing to let myself get through it. Over the last few years I have learned the importance of taking some down time when you need it. I used to push myself beyond … Read more