Constanza Eliana Chinea

I’m honored and humbled to introduce this guest and conversation to the Rising Woman Project, Constanza Eliana Chinea.

Constanza shared her story and the work that she’s doing to impact the world of racism, diversity and inclusion over a year ago when I began to do this work for myself and for this project.

If you are someone who is just beginning to open this conversation for yourself, you can gain much from everything she shares here as well as the work she’s doing in the world.

In fact, we need her work now more than ever as the world is waking up to so many of these issues that are still very alive today.

Constanza focuses on diversity and inclusion, tackling race and bias through powerful yoga sequences and meditations both in person and online. She has been teaching for over 7 years and devoted her work on centering Women of Color in Yoga.

She created the Embody Inclusivity program teaching diversity and inclusion using Yoga and Meditation as a medium to deal with the discomfort that arises when discussing race and bias. She teaches an array of courses and offers resources to teachers and students all around the world.

You can find Constanza HERE

Some of the people she shares in this interview:

Sonali Fisk

Amanda Seales

Catrice Jackson

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