De’Anna Nunez

Our first Rising Woman is a dear friend of mine, De’Anna Nunez. I met De’Anna about 5-6 years ago through our blogs that we were both running at the time on Facebook. We eventually learned that we were both in San Diego and decided to connect in person. Over the years I have been continually inspired by the teachings that De’Anna brings to women through her writing and her programs. As a friend, she has inspired me to stand in my own power, to share my own story and to embrace all that I have been through in my own life as part of what makes me who I am today. I love the way De’Anna is a living example of her teachings and that she beautifully embraces the imperfections of living a healthy life. I am just honored that she has agreed to share her story with us here.

Follow Your Feet, Your Purpose Will Be Revealed

HI, my name is De’Anna Jo Nunez. I am a Speaker, Hypnotist and Trainer that focuses on developing a Healthy Mindset cycle. My clients often think of me as a mind-set strategist. I help them figure out why they do what they do. This is true, but even more importantly, I design practicum’s that lead them to what they really want.  I am my work. It is a pure, truthful, beautiful and even imperfect reflection of who I am and what inspires me.

I started my career when Hypnosis found me as a twenty-four-year-old, single mom. I was lost and looking for the best way to bring up my kid, as well as create some sort of fun life for us. A bit of a hot mess, I was in need for an intervention before any of that could happen. My son was the first pivot point of my change, Hypnosis was the second. I believe God sprinkled in my path, the unconditional love that I needed to start my healing.

Raised by a single Mom, forever bitter by her divorce, I grew up with a strong sense of anger in my daily environment. My Dad was attentive and loving, but only every other weekend. The gaps that weren’t being filled felt like the Grand Canyon. Like vast spaces of loneliness, I learned early on that love came with conditions. I could often just fall into the abyss of worthlessness. The only way for me to navigate those deep dark crevices was to armor up.

Follow Your Feet, Your Spirit Has Got Your Back

I am an expressive type person. The problem is, unlike a beautiful Beyonce video, what I had to express was not sexy. My childhood was an odd concoction of growing pains, fun and misunderstood anger, mirrored back to me by an overly critical mother. Meanwhile, Dad was raising another family and I often felt confused and restless. Psychology names our upbringing as the formative or formidable years. It’s formidable if you’ve attached some type of negative emotion or fear to it, formative if it helped you become better. Well I took the low road.

Between the age of thirteen and eighteen, I ran away repeatedly, shoplifted, stole family member’s cars, drank to get drunk, smoked crack, was the victim of rape, and dropped out of school. I’m sure I’ve left a few things out, and rightly so, because telling you this is not for the purpose of hype or poor-me’s, but to convey to you that I know the depths of despair, anguish and self sabotage.

Learning the importance of unconditional love became a saving grace and it came through to me from my best friend Erin. She was what seemed to me, the main person in my life, other than my dog Sarge, that loved me no matter what. Now here’s the thing, I didn’t know love without conditions, so the reciprocal love I would show Erin came laced with negative expression too. On one day I would accept her love with open arms. Lord knows I needed it! The next I would put on my armor, hide my vulnerability and abuse her by shunning her.  My behavior was often undeserving of her loyalty, yet she gave freely to me and never put conditions on her love. That was such an important lesson for me to learn.

I have felt like giving up. I have also felt extremely powerless, even hopeless. The biggest thing I’ve done to overcome that feeling is to stop giving it power, and instead, seek out the special glimmer of universal love that seems to always exist. The thing that Erin saw in me. Love comes in many forms- nature, people, God, spirit, creativity. I know sometimes its hard to see yourself with compassion. It’s like trying to see water when you’re in it. You just can’t! The secret is to swim anyway knowing and trusting it’s there. In doing just that, my prisons turned to pathways. There have been some ridiculously cool, high points of my life. I’ve performed Hypnosis for Governors and Five Star Generals overseas and in front of audiences of 10,000. I’ve run 75 consecutive miles in the dark at elevation, have raised a successful kid, extensively educated myself, married the love of my life and even facilitated the most amazing moments for my clients that completely changed them. Wow! Just goes to show you what’s possible when you are willing to do whatever it takes.

Follow Your Feet and Never Stop Practicing

To get where I am today, it’s been a practice of overcoming self judgement and feeling fear but not letting it stop me. Hands down, the greatest struggle I’ve had is feeling unworthy. So now, I am open to love finding me through all expressions- friendships, clients, romance, nature, money, food and God. To breakthrough it has been a matter of staying focused, just wanting to be healthy in all aspects is a huge driver for me. Looking at myself and valuing that the practice never ends, like a karate master practices his art, it beckons me to continually offer up forgiveness, empathy, patience and love. Especially to myself.

I think its very important that we have healthy practices in our lives that assist us in staying balanced and peaceful. For me, that is running, hiking and on a really good day, doing that with my family. I’d love for you to recognize that your body is housing your emotions. Think about that as if it were literal. That means, you must take responsibility to manage the upkeep of your house by cleaning and organizing it regularly. When we exercise, there is an intense process that is emotional, spiritual and physiological. An actual shift occurs in our hormones and therefore our attitude. In no way do I want to rob myself of that opportunity as it is a source of my renewal time.

I feel strongly that all women need to have some type of fitness routine that fills up their soul. If you are only exercising because you have to, or because your Doctor recommended it, you are missing a huge piece of goodness. It’s like seeing a rainbow and not the beautiful sky. Nutrition is the same way. It’s an opportunity to give your body vitality every time you eat. Sure, ice cream tastes really good, so does guacamole and chips. I’m not saying I don’t eat that, but eighty percent of my focus goes toward living my healthiest life. It wasn’t until I started meeting my internal needs that I could eat food without abusing it.

Follow Your Feet, Arrive at a New You

What I want women to know from reading my story is that the struggle moves through you faster and easier when you surrender to its lesson. We so often resist, fight and defend ourselves. We create huge obstructions and draw out the length of our suffering. It’s unnecessary. Let go of the need to suffer unnecessarily. If you are refusing to let go, well, that is where you want to start first. What is trying to heal itself that you are resisting? What is it that you need from others, that you are not giving to yourself?

Struggles can either teach us to be strong or teach us to hide and shrink ourselves. We waste so much of our lives just shrinking and growing, growing and shrinking. I feel like when we take responsibility for our responses and realize that our response is often the only thing we actually have control of, everything changes. We can really just always be growing. We never have to shrink again.

If you’re as inspired as I am by this woman, be sure to visit De’Anna’s website to learn more about her offerings and follow her media outlets.

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Thank you, De’Anna for being a Rising Woman for all to learn and grow from!!