Nicole Yasmin

Who are you and what do you do for a living?

My name is Nicole and for a living, I teach women how to release weight and live the life they desire.

Tell me about your family, if applicable.

I have a Lebanese background and born in Sydney Australia. I have one brother, 27 first cousins and 14 aunties and uncles 😉

What is your story? 

It all started when I was a teenager and I was diagnosed with depression and polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS). At 81 kilograms and 160cm tall, I was also considered obese. I had severe acne, was completely lethargic and struggled to find any energy, wanting to stay in my bed and sleep most days away.

Do you feel this way? Wake up in the morning not wanting to face the world? 

In an attempt to resolve my health issues, my doctor prescribed me medication to relieve the symptoms, despite being told that it was incurable and that diet and exercise were the only things that may provide some relief.

At this point I thought, ‘okay well, I guess that’s it then… I have to accept this is my life, and deal with it.’.

My mother has always been a strong advocate for natural health and healing remedies. She was determined to help me, and I thank her greatly for it.

She sent me to a Dietician, a Naturopath, a Herbalist and an Iridologist. All of these health professionals gave me different vitamins, supplements, herbs and diet plans. I also signed up to the gym and working with a personal trainer. I was able to release 11 kilograms but found that I was still experiencing acne, low energy, and diminished well-being.

I wanted to crawl in my bed and never wake up. I spent mornings crying and thinking ‘there must be something wrong with me. Why does life feel so hard? Why can’t it be easy? Why do I have to be suffering?’ I can only describe it as a huge struggle and a deep suffering. I would pray but I felt like I was never heard.

Years went on and I finished high school. Over that time, the weight came back. I had begun to accept that this was how life was meant to be for me, that I was not meant to be happy or a healthy body weight.

I started studying graphic design thinking it was something I truly loved, but over time I realized it wasn’t, so I took a break to truly ask myself ‘what do I love doing?’ My first answer was, ‘I love helping people’. It was something I felt I could do so well and that rewarded me in ways I couldn’t achieve elsewhere.

I changed my course to a degree in social science majoring in counseling (and later transferred to psychology). My first step towards fulfillment. Along the way, I met someone and they asked if I believed in God and if I went to church. I thought about it and responded, ‘I only go when I have to and I don’t really know if I believe in God.’ I was born and raised as a Catholic but I mean, I would often fall asleep in church because the teachings didn’t quite resonate with me…

This question prompted a journey of self-discovery, and discovery of others. I began to show interest in other people’s beliefs, faiths, religions, and spiritual connections to bring together my own understanding of the whole ‘God’ concept. I put my studies aside to work four jobs to make a living and found it increasingly hard to study…

A family member constantly recommended that I complete a course in a meditation technique, but I wasn’t interested. It wasn’t until my life came crashing down that I was left feeling that deep suffering and painful isolation again.

I couldn’t hold the tears back. I would constantly wake up crying. I kept feeling like ‘there’s something wrong with me. Why isn’t life working out? Why is it SO easy for other people, but not me?’

Have you ever felt that way before? No matter what you do, life still isn’t working out?

I was persuaded to take the course in this meditation technique called ThetaHealing. I considered it my last resort. I was desperate for change… and I’ve never looked back.

For the first time in my life I felt happy, TRULY happy. I began to gain clarity and understanding about why my life and feelings were the way they were. Most importantly, I began to understand how I could be in control of and change what was happening.

This course sent me on a journey of constant learning about the mind, body and soul connection. I realized that every health problem had a mental, emotional and spiritual connection to it. I completed many ThetaHealing courses around health, mind, body and spirit. I gained real physical, mental, emotional and spiritual results.

Only when I was able to change my thoughts and emotions did I then start to see lasting physical changes. Bear in mind, my intention to do these courses was not to change my health, but to be happy.

In these courses I discovered how much hatred and rejection I had towards myself.

Over time, I released more than 20kgs of weight, and now no longer experience depression or PCOS. I went back to the doctor who once said it was incurable and she was ecstatic to say I no longer had the PCOS. It has been more than five years since I have applied those changes and my life keeps getting better.

I have founded a business called ‘Shift Your Space’ where I lead online and face to face programs, and provide ThetaHealing consultations. The consultations are for people who feel stuck but are proactive in making a change. They come to me for a reading, guidance, healing and transformation. I also lead Certified ThetaHealing Courses and run a successful online womens program called ‘Shift Your Weight’ that encompasses a holistic approach to health.

What have you overcome to get where you are today?

To get to where I am today, I had to do what was uncomfortable. I had the ideas, dreams and desires, but the only way I was going to make them my reality was to make the discomfort, comfortable. For example, attending those meditation training courses, moving out of home (coming from a Lebanese background, the morality is: you live at home until you are married. Well I have broken away from that) and working for myself. Those 3 big decisions I made, lead me to where I am today. Everything in between were little speed bumps and smooth roads.

What has been your greatest struggle in life?

Struggle is a choice and mindset. I learned through ThetaHealing how to give up the struggle and to read the signs. If something is not flowing, its either your beliefs around it or there is a better route. ThetaHealing is a tool that has allowed me to connect and see the truth of what life presents.

Did you ever feel like giving up? When you felt like giving up, what did you do? 

Yes. I had ‘given up’ a few times. But the Universe kept pulling me back into where I needed to be. Sometimes I would sit with the feelings and allow them to come up and they would pass. Other times where I feel that feeling, my intuition will go “here is the breaking point of change, keep going” and I rise up and become a stronger person. Either way I go, I allow myself to take that course and be kind to myself in the process.

What are some of the tools and resources you have used to work through and overcome those struggles? (books, counselors, workshops, programs, coaches, etc.) 

ThetaHealing was a pivotal point of my journey of change. Through learning the meditation technique, I experienced profound healing on all levels. I shifted what was weighing me down energetically, and became who I really am today. Its a technique that I have continued to study and practice in my day to day life. Its a modality that keeps growing and thats what I love about it. There is always more to learn and apply. Well Vianna (the founder of ThetaHealing) says, “you are remembering”.

A book that introduced me to my path of personal development was ‘The Game of Life’ by Florence Scovel Shinn. Its a great book and easy read to open a persons awareness of their thoughts and the universe.

What are your gifts and how did you discover them?

My biggest gift I have is my intuition. Every person has an intuition and psychic ability. I discovered it profoundly during my first ThetaHealing Course. I was blown away at what I saw. Over the years, I have kept practicing and building my intuition so I can see vividly and clearly. The intuition is like a muscle, the more you practice, the stronger it gets. When I first started, I would only see energy. Now I can see full blown pictures.

Who in life do you rely on when you’re struggling? Who keeps you uplifted and on your path?

Creator. I pray and Creator hears me and will send messages to those around me to give me a message. Sometimes we may get caught up on relying on a particular person to help us when we are in need. However, they may not be the exact person to give us the message we need. So instead, pray to Creator.I keep myself uplifted when I practice Yoga, meditate, helping other people, connecting with my loved ones. There have been times where I have gone off my path, but I have learned how to put myself back on my path instead of relying on another person – thats empowerment when you can do it for yourself.

Tell us about your tribe and the importance of having one.

I started a community within my business called ‘Shift Your Space’ where men and women who are spiritual and on their path of personal development come together. I share with them what I have learned so they can learn too. Others will share what they have applied and learned and the results they received so it can help others on their journey. Its a safe space for people to express who they are spiritually and develop their abilities.Its so important to be apart of a community where you feel connected and accepted. Without a community, you feel isolated and alone. If you are reading this, find your tribe. Every person has one, they just haven’t found it yet. My doors are open if you would like to be apart of it. You just need to believe in something that created everything (along with some other conditions ;P) <3

What do you want other women to know who are feeling lost, and/or experiencing their own tragedy and/or struggles?

If you are feeling lost, stuck or experiencing a tragedy, ask for the solution. Don’t get caught up in the problem. Some people may feel stuck because they’re so caught up in the problem. Place yourself in the question of “what is the solution to ______?” or “what can I do to get myself out of this space?” There are answers and solutions right at your door. You just need to open yourself up to see them.

What is some advice you would give to women who are healing or rising in some way?

Healing is a practice. Its not something you do for a short period and stop. Its a way of life. Healing can be smiling at the person you cross paths with, or it can be practicing meditation for 15 minutes per day. It can even be healing to cook a beautiful meal. Every person has their own rituals and methods of what they use for healing. Find your methods and apply it. Keep yourself maintained with your practice and you will keep rising!

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Nicole, you are just a delight! Thank you so much for being part of the Rising Woman Project!


PS… right before I was about to post Nicole’s story, I received this inspiring update from Nicole to include her recent choice to shave her hair. This is how you pave your own path, my friends. 

I shaved my hair because I wanted to. I went against my cultural and societies expectations of what I am “meant” to look like. It’s liberating, authentic and I feel completely womanly.

In a world where so many women are told to be something different, I want to see more women embrace who they are. Starting with me, I hope I can make that change.