The most valuable thing I came back with from Mimi’s class.. That I deserve love. I deserve to be loved and give love. I no longer have those feelings of people not liking me. That is HUGE for me. Not a day goes by that I cross paths with someone and I wonder what they think of me. Because I know I am being myself, an honest and true and nice person.” ~Lannie S.

“The one MOST valuable thing I got working with Mimi was that I treat myself a way that I would NEVER treat anyone else. I saw that I am often way healthier than I give myself credit for and that I don’t need to be so hard on myself.” ~Courtney H.

“I liked learning about healthy food and learning how to prepare healthy food for my family. I am also learning how to focus my mind. One word “Control.” I’m changing my idea of going on a diet and just living normal and eating healthy as a normal thing.” ~Karen D.

“It was such an honor for myself and my daughter Jorden to be apart of Mimi’s Bonding Beauties Event for Mothers and Daughters. There was so much healing and deepening of connection that took place between the ladies. It’s important that we have sacred spaces like this for mothers and daughters to lay it all out on the line and strengthen their relationship. Thank you Mimi for answering the call.” ~Patrina Wisdom

“Mimi’s Bonding Beauties workshop created an environment where my stepdaughter and I could discuss anything. I was pleasantly surprised by the bonding happening not only between the moms and daughters but all the woman in the room. I would highly recommend attending a future workshop to see what is possible for you as a woman…” ~Chloe B.