I created this project to show you that you’re not alone. To give you hope and courage for your own life. To show you that you have the power, the courage and the strength that you need inside of you right now to overcome things you’ve had happen in your past, or that you might be struggling with right now. 

You. Are. Not. Alone.

Here you will find various women’s stories of strength and triumph, as well as the tools and resources they used to get through and rise above. My hope is that you will use these stories to rise above and write your own story, create your own triumphs and realize the amazing woman that you are. 

Right here. Right now.

Use these stories to fuel your journey in whatever way they apply for you. Find the similarities rather than the differences. Maybe you want better fulfillment, self love, self care. Maybe you want to heal from some part of your past. Maybe you want to be a better lover, mother, sister, friend. Maybe you want to leave a situation that is no longer serving you. Maybe you know that you’re on this planet to be a contribution, but there’s just something in your way. 

Please… Use these stories to help you delve into your life, to discover, to heal and to rise. 

And if there is a specific kind of story you’re in need of, please reach out so we can help.

We’re all in this together.